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Change your “paper” booking book with a simple and free application.

Overfull is a free application to transform your “paper” booking book into a “digital” booking book with intelligences to facilitate the services in your restaurant and your daily life.

Designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, this version is community-based and its only goal is to help your profession to pass the digital age
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Overfull. Easy my job

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Interview of a restaurant owner

Yoki – France

 Cabanon Marin – France

How it works ?

Designed in collaboration with restaurateurs and specifically dedicated to restoration, the tool is intuitive and user-friendly. It requires no training and no installation! There is no commitment and no fees. With a simple internet connection, a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, it will take you a few clicks to understand your “digital booking book” and put in the closet your paper booking book. It’s simple, easy and free …!

Why change?
10 good reasons

1 – Bring a strong added value to your restaurant

The customer information that you let die each year in your usual “paper booking book”, (name, surname, phone, habits, preferences …) will constitute over the days, in accordance with the RGPD, an enrichment for your restaurant and this without changing your habits, simply by changing your booking support. When you will sell your business, this will be a real added value for your buyer. Saying to this one … “Sir, if you make the choice to take back my restaurant, I offer you my address book with more than 5000 customers with all the history !!!” In addition, all the studies show that to keep a customer, costs 5 to 10 times less expensive than to acquire a new one, it is still necessary to have the good free support to build up this customer knowledge over the days!

2 – Don’t let your colleagues take advantage of your customers

You already do many hours with your job, no need to be in the restaurant to take a reservation when you are in break!
– take the call from the customer from your smartphone (with call transfer),
– access your availability and your table plan,
– remotely assign a table to your customer,
– give this booking any clarification to your teams who will be in the service.
Before you even hang up, your customer will receive by email the confirmation of his booking with all the details.

Do not let your old answering machine manage your bookings at the risk that this will benefit another restaurant by a lack of responsiveness

3 – Stay focused on your job

Finished the strikeout booking book, an illegible note, a badly printed mail, a lost post-it, a table plan that must be constantly written and with each service! Save time and focus on the essentials of your business “please your customers” Let the digital help you to evolve by performing these non-productive tasks.

4 – Take reservations without being in a restaurant

The booking form included in your new tool, is connectable to your website and / or your Facebook page. With it, you focus all customer requests in real time on your “digital booking book”! No more duplicates, no more paper … everything is focused on one free tool!

5 – No more forgetfulness

No more lost, erroneous, misinterpreted booking or just when someone on your team inadvertently forgets a particular customer request, such as “This is my friend’s birthday tonight and I would like that we think to put a candle on his dessert! …” This error, will result in leaving traces on social networks … A customer will remember and will highlight what has been negative, even if the rest is correctly unrolled!

6 – Weld your teams by improving room and kitchen communication

The rotation of the staff often involves communication difficulties, thanks to Overfull the people of setting up are instantly informed of the tasks to be carried out before the service, communicate more easily between you, finished the last minute stress …

7 – Daily anticipation

View remotely or not, your fill rate daily, weekly and monthly to anticipate your orders and your workforce, especially for weekends which are often very busy. The little daily ritual of the Chef to look at the booking book, will simplify his life and communication will be easier with all teams: room and kitchen.

8 – You wish or have several restaurants, we thought about it!

Overfull has already thought of you! Wherever you are, switch in one click from one place to another to know the activity of each.

9 – No more “no-show “

Anticipate thanks to the tool the “latecomers” and the “no-show”, to optimize your room and a fortiori your turnover. The tool is endowed with intelligence, to avoid this phenomenon so much hated in our profession.

10 – No worries

In case of theft, loss, breakage of your computer, smartphone or tablet, your data is protected in real time on the cloud. A simple connection with your login will be enough to restart! No stress … everything is safe!

A satisfied customer is two customers earned

You will probably in a few minutes become a user of this application and we are delighted. Thanks to you and to all your colleagues, this tool will progress day by day by sharing your comments. Our greatest success, besides satisfying you with the use, is that you become our best ambassador to your colleagues to promote this beautiful tool, we remind you that it is free and without commitment. Designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, this version wants to be community-based and its only objective is to help your profession to pass the digital … read more

Want information or use the software for FREE?

Contact one of our team, we will be happy to guide you in the first steps with your new companion! Your “digital reservation book” simple, easy and free!

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