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Overfull, What is it? Who is it?

Tools designed by & for restaurateurs.

We are a French company based in Bordeaux (France), headed by young managers in their fifties who are themselves surrounded by a team of young people, much younger 😉

Like you 9 years ago, I was an investor in the purchase of a fine brewery. From the start, I wanted to share my past (25 years working in IT jobs), put in place tools to better manage my business. What was not my disappointment to find that nothing existed in terms of software, to facilitate our task in our profession of restaurateur. A job which, as you know, dear sisters and brothers, wonderful by the way, but it takes us a lot of energy, a lot of time and constantly requires us to be overwhelmed, hence the name “Overfull”.

Disappointed with this observation, I therefore took the initiative 9 years ago, thanks to my former profession, to write the first specifications and to make the first versions of the “Overfull” software for our own activities.

It’s funny to know that in 2010, we were the first to create this type of software, without knowing that we could one day offer it to the entire profession. Indeed, at that time, no actor had thought of creating a “digital reservation book” apart from “La Fourchette” which was also at the beginning of its history.

It is therefore through these many years that our business software, with daily use in operation, has had time to grow and benefit from the numerous feedback from our employees, but also through other fellow restaurateurs who may have also make various improvements over time.

The strength of this application is that it was designed and created from the start by one of yours to solve problems you have experienced. It is therefore simple, easy to use and intuitive.

Why would you tell me, offer this software to the profession?

The reason is simple. We were fortunate with my teams to be able to benefit from all these tools that we had invented for many years (including the digital reservation book), they saved us a lot of time, helped us generate more revenue business through optimizing our services, and then facilitating communication between the dining and kitchen teams.

Since then, the page is turned, because I sold my establishments and I wished that these beautiful business tools do not end up in a box, but rather be made available to the greatest number of the profession and that they can grow through your use.

As you can see, this first module, the “digital reservation book” for restaurants, is only the first module in a long series to come.

To make yourself known to you dear sisters and brothers and that your trust is granted to us, we wish that this first module be offered to you without commitment on your part, so it is free. You are satisfied, you keep it without any bad surprises. You want to stop, no unpleasant surprises either since there is no commitment.

Rest assured of our “business model”, we must, like any business, be profitable. The next business modules that will be offered to you in the near future will be paid for in the form of monthly availability. On the other hand, in order to continue our operating mode, they will always be offered to you in a very aggressive pricing approach so that the greatest number of restaurateurs are able to benefit from it.

Digital is important, you shouldn’t hide it or be afraid of it!

As in any activity, soon, during a sale, your buyer will be entitled to ask you for a list of all your customers with the history of each, in compliance with the GDPR. Without the implementation of such tools, it will be difficult for you to respond favorably to your buyer and this could even be detrimental to you in the valuation of your establishment.

Be confident of our approach, it is meant to support change. So take advantage of this opportunity with our free booking book, it will help you take the step towards digital without any apprehension.

We wish you dear sisters and brothers, with the entire Overfull team, welcome to the use of our tools.


Join the thousands of restaurateurs who have already taken the lead and like to make their daily life easier with Overfull!

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